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Belarusian Economic Journal

Quarterly scientific and practical journal


Bykau A., orcid, RISC, Google scholar,
doctor of economic sciences, professor, Belarusian State Economic University (Belarus)

Editorial Board

Beliatskaya T. (Belarus), Bondar A. (Belarus), Bukhovets O. (Belarus), Vankevich E. (Belarus), Vorobiev V. (Deputy Chief Editor) (Belarus), Glazyev S. (Russia), Grinberg R. (Russia), Gusakov V. (Belarus), Daineka A. (Belarus), Karnite R. (Latvia), Kovalev M. (Belarus), Kolodko G. (Poland), Kuznetsov A. (Russia), Luchenok A. (Belarus), Maksimtsev I. (Russia), Mamedov Z. (Azerbaijan), Neverov A. (Belarus), Pranevich A. (Belarus), Rudy K. (Belarus), Sandoyan E. (Armenia), Silin Ya. (Russia), Tambovtsev V. (Russia), Fateyev V. (Belarus), Chitaya G. (Belarus), Shapiro S. (Belarus), Shimov V. (Belarus), Shimova O. (Belarus), Shmarlouskaya H. (Belarus), Shutilin V. (Belarus), Zoryna T. (Belarus)


1. The Belarusian State Economic University
2. The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
3. The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus
4. The Economic Research Institute of the Ministry of Economy of the Republicof Belarus

The Journal is included by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus in the list of scientific editions to publish dissertation research findings.

The Journal publishes articles in an open access format and allows free full-text access.

Certificate №1088 of January 22 2010 of state registration of the mass medium “Belarusian Economic Journal


  • issues of the theory, strategy and tactics of economic reforms;
  • reforming the economy and transition to market economy of the socially oriented type;
  • demographic policy;
  • development of world economy;
  • regional economic policy;
  • monetary relations and banking system development;
  • economic security and sustainable development;
  • economy regulation and macroeconomic policy;
  • problems of developing key branches of economy;
  • enhancing effectiveness of enterprise operation and their restructuring;
  • investment and innovation policy.
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