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#1 (78) - 2017


  • Innovations

Bohdan N. Innovation policy and search for new sources of the economic growth: world trends and challenges for Belarus

  • Sustainable Development

Derevyago I. «Green economy» concept and possibilities of its implementation in the context of the Republic of Belarus

  • Entrepreneurship

Muratova Y. A complex approach to assessing the performance efficiency of belarus’s free economic zones
Golikova A. Mechanisms of government involvement in the implementation of investment projects
Filippova L. Development of the international public-private partnership forms in the sphere of integrational cooperation

  • Finance

Kondratov D. Prospects of using Russian Ruble as world currency

  • Economics of Enterprises

Dragun N., Kurbiyeva I. Problems of enhancing labor productivity at Belarus’s industrial enterprises in modern conditions

  • Labor Resources

Belekhova G. Economic losses in labor sphere: main approaches to assessment
Klyauzze V. Precariat: labor conditions and provision of labor protection
Fakhradova L. Problems of enhancing labor productivity at Belarus’s enterprises in modern conditions

  • Economic-Mathematical Models

Kalitin B., Kuzmich M. Mathematical model of economic development with consideration of competition in market economy