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#3 (84) - 2018


  • Belarus’s economy
  • Rudy K., Bobrovich V., Lashuk I., Urban D. «middle–income trap»: interdisciplinary assessment of way out for Belarus
    Yarashevich V. Belarusian industry in the context of global and regional trends

    • Integration in EAEU
    • Vardomskiy L. Eurasian integration and transit

    • Finance and banks
    • Ulasenka M. Contingency of monetary policy and macroprudential regulation: a theoretical analysis and experience of Belarus
      Kondratov D. U.S. dollar and euro within the world monetary-financial system
      and prospects of its development

    • Economic security
    • Maibarada T. Credibility to economic policy as a factor of economic security
      Pilipuk A. Modern economics of nutrition: state, trends and directions of development

    • Digital economics

    Bohdan N. Innovations and human resources for digital economy development

    • Economic Methodology

    Kristinevich S. Typology of institutional interventions in the context of power redistribution processes

    • Regional Economics

    Ryabokon V. Territorial communities as basis for ukrainian village develpment

    • Entrepreneurship

    Matsias U. Overseas experience of small and medium-sized enterprises’ development
    and lending in the context of crisis