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#4 (85) - 2018


  • Union State

Garbuz A., Saykovskaya D. Balance of payment as a reflection of integrational cooperation of Belarus and Russia

  • Economic theory

Vorobiev V., Maibarada T. Long-term economic growth: the good, the bad, and the optimal
Neverov D. problem of quality of life economic assessment: specifics of new methodology

  • Agro-industrial complex of Belarus

Gusakov V., Shpak A. Agro-industrial complex of Belarus in the context of transformational economy
Kireyenka N., Kazakevich I. Diversification of state support of Belarus’ agriculture with regard to international requirements and obligations

  • Taxation

Kireyeva A. Tax reform: necessity, main directions and measures of their implementation

  • Investment projects

Golikava H. Methodology of assessing budget efficiency of state financial participation in the implementation of investment projects

  • Economy and education

Bondar A., Lis P., Slizh V. Enterpreneurial university as a growth point of knowledge economy

  • Mathematical modeling in economics

Aksen E. Modeling of sectoral indicators dynamics with the application of utility theory

  • Public-private partnership

Filipava L. project financing: specifics of organization and prospects of development in the republic of belarus

  • Jubilees

Professor V.N. Shimov is 70

  • Materials published in 2018