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#3 (76) - 2016


  • Financial Systems

Kondratov D. The Formation of a new European System of Financial Regulation

Korotayev S. amortization funds as a source of financing capital investments: historiography, theoretical and practical aspects

Matveyev D. Providing the efficiency of state support to investment projects

  • International Trade

Ozhigina V., Petrushkevich E. Investment regulations in efta free trade agreements

Belousov A. Belarus’s import capacity of export as a factor of participation in global chains of value creation

  • Belarus and EAEU

Sokolova G. Social aspects of Belarus’ accession to the eurasion economic union: sociological analysis

  • Taxation

Pyanova M. on reforming property of physical persons’ tax in Russia

  • Innovations

Veko R. Improving stimulation of industry’s innovative development in the city of Minsk

  • Labor Resources

Agabekova N. Statistical estimate of human resource within the system of national accounting: methodological approaches and practical applications

Stuken T., Makovskaya N., Lapina T. In-house training of employees in Russia and Belarus: mutual experience and comparative characteristics

  • Economics of Enterprise

Mytskikh N., Mytskikh V. Analysis of changes of names and characteristics of economic entities’ solvency assessment indicators and criteria

  • Jubilees

Kosiedowsky V. is 70 years