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#1 (82) - 2018


  • Integration in EAEU

  • Khamchukov D., Kulikovich K. the impact of eaeu member states common market on the development of processing industry in belarus
    Radiuk O. development of eaeu countries’ cooperation in industry: assessment based on import intensity indicators

    • Innovative Development of Science and Education 

    Vodop’yanova E. growth areas of modern russian science

    • Finance and Banks

    Markusenka M. non-conventional instruments of foreign exchange policy and their role in stimulating economy

    • Taxation 

    Pysmennyi V. specifics of forming local budegts’ tax revenues: a historical aspect
    Piakarskaya A. specific of taxation surveillance in the context of digital economics development

    • Social Economics

    Yarashevich V. social sphere as a factor of macrocompetitiveness.. 97

    • Green Energy

    Akulich I., sushkevich e. renewable energy: trends and specific of development 108

    • International Trade

    Belyatskiy N., Maksimchuk A., Aginskaya H. Competitiveness of Polish economy    119

    • Tourism Economics

    Partale K., traskevich a. methodological approach to tourism development strategy based on destination naroch

    • Statistics Methods
    Kulak a. Theoretical overview of statistics methods for assessment of regional differences of demographic development