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#4 (77) - 2016


  • Transformation of economic system

Vardomskiy L., Pylin A., Shurubovich A. Cooperation between Russia and the cis countries in the context of modernization of the national economies

Kindzers’kyi Y. Ukraine: oligarchic trap of development in the context of institutional transformations

  • National economies and globalization

Yaroshevich V. Small open economy in the context of globalization

Kolb O. Evaluation of the countries’ degree and «participation quality» in global value chains

  • Regions’ economies

Bogdanovich A. Belarus’s current regional policy

Vokhmyanin I. Developing methodological instrumentarium of assessing competitive environment development in regions’ economy sectors

  • Innovations

Slonimska M. Living Labs as a tool of open innovations in networks

  • Economic theory

Vorobiev V., Maibarada T. Theory of contracts: a search of the optimal motivational model
in the researches by Oliver Hart and Bengt R. Holmström

  • Labor resources

Korotkevich A., Lapko B. Comparative analysis of composition and structure of industrial employees
in belarus and sweden: conclusions for belarus

  • Mathematical modeling in economics

Chitaya G., Tarasyuk A. Mathematical models of analysis and forecast of financial assets dynamics

  • Economics of enterprises

Doroshko V. Using real options in the organization’s reputation project planning

  • Scholarly Life

Bukhovets O. Global challenges and imperatives of interaction. Based on the materials of the 7th 
International scholarly-practical conference «Modern global challenges and Belarus: institutions,
ideologies,and strategies of the socio-political interaction» (Grodno, May 5–6, 2016)

  • Materials published in 2016