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#2 (91) - 2020


  • Input-Output Models

Kravtsov M., Gladkaya A., Dehtyar T. Predicting the key parameters of socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus based on a dynamic input-output model

Bykau A., Parkhimenka U., Tolkachev S. Influence of COVID-19 on the Russian economy: methodological approaches to the assessment based on the input-output tables

  • Labor Economics

Vankevich A., Kalinouskaya I. Artificial intelligence technologies in human resources management

Makovskaya N. Low-paying workplaces in Belarusian economy

Dolinina T. Wages in the Republic of Belarus: social and economic efficiency

  • Agribusiness

Pilipuk A., Kandratsenka S. Modern aspects and mechanisms for ensuring sustainable strategic development of food and processing industries in the world and in the Republic of Belarus

Kireyenka N., Gorbatovski A., Harbatouskaya A., Dounar I. External conditions and factors for livestock sector operations in the Republic of Belarus

  • Economics of Industry

Maksyutina E., Golovkin A. Innovative vector of Russia’s automobile industry development

  • Statistics

Novikov M. Digital synergetics of interaction between within-year economic activity and annual GDP dynamics

  • Economic Theory

Miropolskiy D., Lomakina I. Regulation and stimulation effects: institutional mechanisms of formation and role in innovative development of economic systems

  • Taxation

Vylkova E., Shmatko A. Income tax payers as significant participants of proactive budgeting

  • Reviews

Petrushkevich A. On the theory of «smart» social infrastructure at the Base of the Pyramid