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#3 (80) - 2017


Belarusian economic journal: 20 years of experience!

  • Structural reorganizations

Matyas A. Macroeconomic and structural policies in the republic of Belarus: a retrospective analysis, problems, and directions of development

Kindzers’kyi Y. Deindustrialization in Ukraine: world context and national features

Gluhova N. Recovery sources of the Irish economy after the crisis of 2008–2012

  • Investments

Petrushkevich A. international flows of direct investments to belarus: assessment of their nature and impact on national economy

Matveyev D. Evaluation of an investment project’s public significance for the republic of Belarus

  • Innovations

Solovyova T. The role of social innovations in solving social problems: Russia’s and Belarus’s experience

Bertosh E. Theoretical aspects of international technologies transfer development 

  • Factors of economy’s growth

Turban G. Services sector development as a factor and an opportunity of the economic growth

Yakubuk Y. impact of incomes level on development of services sector in national economy

  • Entrepreneurship

Belousova E. Privatization within the system of financial interaction between the state and enterprises

Eshimova D., Amanbaev E., Kapysheva A. Public-private partnership projects management a case of kazakhstan’s legislation